Bhagya kundli

Indian astrology has been since long known for the revival of fortunes and making one feel with all the positive influence. The astrology has changed the future for many and when we see that a little bit of genuine astrological interference has given much of the benefits to many, people look for a real astrological influence.

About Bhagya Kundli

At time there are many who tend to be the astrologer along with karmic influence but just like there are gems which are not genuine, similarly there are bhagya kundli predictors who do not give the real predictions. Now, if one talks about the Bhagya Kundli predictions by it is providedd by the well known astrologer Pt. Brij Bhushana Sharma who is known to be with the great knowledge of astrological calculations and has changed the fortune for many. He has been able to change the revival of many by preparing Bhagya Kundli and has beeen dealing with clients from all strata of society. The client history of ours include senior civil and military officers, business heads and the common man.

Our services include the much needed aspect related to ayurvedic or yoga which are as follows:

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Few of the well known services that gives us a better prospective calculator of fortune and removing any issues related to business and social responsibilities of our clients are:

Our Services

Bhagya Darpan

The Bhagya or fortune is always the much cited reason for any negative influence in life. To make it better timely consultation is necessary.

Rashifal & Remedies

The rasifal and remedies give better futuristic goodwill and provides opportunity for the good living by better consultation.


It is always good to seek advice about changing lifestyle due to positive influence of palm astrological lines. The business, career, marriage and many other predictions completely depend upon the better advice from us.

Vastu Shastra

The vastu shastra is the positive service related from us for office, homes and other places of living. The sacred puja and ceremony are given a positive influence by worship and better positive influence all over.

Gems Stone, Nag, Yantra

The Gems stone and nag yantra is the most important aspect related to bringing good fortune in life. The immediate revival of life long positive energy needs to be wear only after consultation which is provided best by us.

Complete Prediction by Pt. Brij Bhushan Sharma

The all above services related to positive frame of mind along with necessary services provided for life, marriage, business and other needful life aspirations is fulfilled by us with. We calculate the auspicious muhurat and other big forecast that makes the life easier for the clients. Also, Pt Brij Bhushan Sharma gives personal advice on life, career and growth which is necessary at the time of big change in lifestyle due to planetary influence.

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    Astrology Advice

  • Health

    The health is one of the prominent reason for any people to get upset with their plans. In the time of COVID-19 when things are getting very particular for the health much of the planetary influence predictions are necessary. Also, it is good to keep better knowledge about any evil eye which may create terminal illness or short term issues related to health by removing negative vibes.

  • Business

    The business which is the much needed life cycle in terms of serving the clients also see a setback at times. When the bigger business conglomerate find a certain twist and turn in their fate they immediately reach their spiritual healer. The same is necessary for the small and medium size businessman these days. So, for better and positive influence it is good to have an immediate revival of their fortunes through seeking better advice.

  • Finance

    Financial matters are always much needed factor for life. A healthier financial regime when hit by any issues due to certain reasons must be immediately sorted out. Also, the finance matters should be removed of any negative discrepancy by consulting us for good reasons.

  • Carrer

    Career whether an established one or the first ladder of success is always hit by the evil eye. To remove any issues related to career is found to be removed by our advice and we give professional and personal advice or removing any inauspicious matters.

  • Relationship

    The relationship status whether it is marriage, love affairs, dating or any other matters can be find pretty difficult to maintain. To remove any bad influence it is good to consult the astrological predictions by renowned astrological influence specialist Pt. Brij Bhushan Sharma by seeking his appointment.

Vastu Sastra

Vastu Shastra is the science of providing the users with a positive mind-frame of buying new home, doing puja at the place of stay and bring positive energy forever at the place of work as well.

Janam kundli

The Janam Kundli is the necessary service provided by the astrologer related to predictions about past, presents and future. Creating a Bhagya that is full of better predictions with influence of stars, moon and sun for making the life, better and prosperous.